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Transition Together project forms small, social groups of friends, neighbours and colleagues and then supports them in taking a number of effective, practical, money-saving and carbon-reducing steps.

A workbook helps each person to build their own Practical Action Plan that improves household energy efficiency, minimises water use, reduces waste (and consumption), explores local transport options and promotes the great value, healthy food available locally. It also helps everyone to understand what’s behind the rising energy prices and climate change, and what this means for them, their family and their local community.

This project was developed by Transition Town Totnes (TTT) using funding from Calouste-Gulbenkian. Two pilot groups successfully completed the programme and and now we are rolling out the programme across all of Totnes & District.

For 10 other transition initiatives, they have also been able to offer some financial support. Based on the success of their pilot project, TTT was awarded more funding by the Big Green Challenge Plus (BGC+) £10,000 of which is being used to support this roll-out to the wider Transition Network. The ‘Transition Together Starter Pack’ is being provided for 10 transition initiatives (TIs) in the UK, which includes all the required materials and resources as well as £1,000 per TI to help get the project underway. The 10 TIs that applied to join our project, and have been awarded a share of the funding, are listed below.

The participating transition initiatives (so far)

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