Transition Town Louth, Lincolnshire.

Meeting Minutes for 2011

Meeting Minutes for 2010

Louth Transition Town Meeting: Thursday 17th November 2011, Biff & Jean’s House

Present: Biff Vernon, Pete Allen, Janet Dunn, Noel Dunn, James Pocklington, Nick Vowles, Jean Vernon, Alison Spittles, Maggie Appleton, Geoff Barnes, Vicky Dunn, Peter Hickman, Sheila Spiers. Apologies: Steve Mansfield, Ros Spencer, Lesley Koumi, Roger Goldsmith, Yvonnne Finney

Grimsby Transition/ Green Futures
Pete Allen outlined progress with the Green Futures social enterprise project in Grimsby. They have a 3.5 acre site opposite Bradley Pitches which they use for growing food, including developing wildlife areas. They have also established a community garden in Scartho. They are working with the health sector and are registered with the Healthy Start initiative. They have received a range of community grants but are mainly sustained by a large number of volunteers who devote their time. In the future they hope to broaden into creative activities. The Bradley Pitches site welcomes visitors and volunteers Monday to Friday.

Spout Yard
Sheila noted that the Photographic Society produces a lot of fine work but never has public exhibitions. There are also other art and creative groups in Louth who also rarely display their work. She wondered whether an exhibition could be established at Spout Yard. This was thought to be a good idea.

KEVIGs Garden (????)
Noel queried what would be done about the garden at the back of Foundation House. He felt that the atmosphere of the site had been affected by recent nearby developments and there is the risk that gates may be erected which would prevent access to the garden. It was noted that we had struggled to get interest from the school in the work that had been done with the garden. It was felt that we need to discuss the garden with the school and potentially involve the PTA. Pete Allen thought there were opportunities to work with the school on healthy lifestyle opportunities and we should set up a meeting.

Draught Busters
Vicky described a Groundwork led initiative to tackle fuel poverty in about 20 local households. They are looking for volunteers to be trained and visit suitable homes to spread the word about simple measures that can be taken to make homes warmer. Volunteers will need to devote only about 15 hours of time which will include 3-4 hours of training. It was felt that the Transition Town should get behind this initiative and publicise the opportunity. Discussion followed on how to identify suitable households for the initiative. Local Age Concern, GP practices and Louth Leader (Peter Hill) were suggested as good links who might be able to identify those at most need of this initiative. Biff will highlight the initiative on the website and also put out a press release.

Spirit in the Marsh
Nick described ‘Spirit in the Marsh’ which is a Theddlethorpe community festival that took place this year. They are hoping to run it again on July 21st 2012 and want to have a big environmental theme so want environmental groups to get behind it. It was thought that the Transition Town may have a stall. Anyone with ideas send them to Nick.

Occupy Movement
Prolonged discussion took place on the potential convergence of ideas between people supporting the Occupy movement and the Transition Town movement. Most people felt that there were close similarities as both were concerned about a forthcoming economic disaster and the need for resilience. It was agreed that we should express our support for ‘Occupy’ on our website and potentially highlight the ideas in future market stalls/ shop windows. There is an opportunity to have a small exhibition of Transition resources in the Louth Oxfam shop which could coincide with the Christmas market weekend. Jean will discuss this with Oxfam.

Band Night
Maggie presented progress with organising the Band Night. It will take place on Friday 27th January. There will be two bands performing and only ten people will be needed to make a profit assuming a £5 admission.

Shop Window
Discussions took place about potentially establishing attractive window displays of Transition Town ideas in vacant shop windows in Louth. We will need display boards for this. Pete Allen offered to loan us some. We might also include photographs or pictures of old Louth as a similar initiative in Grimsby has been popular. We could also potentially share the window displays with like-minded community groups.

East Lindsey Renewable Energy Policy
Biff read out the contents of a press release which has just been issued on renewable energy policy by East Lindsey District Council. The content was strongly biased against wind farms even though this runs counter to current Government policy and it was felt that we need to fight this. Biff will look at the arrangements for responding to the consultation and ensure that our voice is heard.

Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 11th 2012 at Bob’s house.

Minutes of the Transition Town Louth meeting - 13th October 2011 in Alison's kitchen

Present; Alison, Biff, Bob, Eddie, James, Janet, Jean, Maggie, Nick, Noel, Pete, Sarah, Sheila and Yvonne

The meeting started at 7.30 and finished at approximately 9.30, Janet was the facilitator.

The Soil Association Logo is being changed and made more available to small businesses; it will be less expensive and have the title “ Green Growers.”

Happiness comes first! Bristol City have launched a “ Happiness Voucher” Look on or the Action for Happiness website for ideas. It was thought that we could use this in Louth, possibly on the local band night. Eddie will let us know the cost and availability of “ Smile Sticks”

“Lean Logic” David Flemings book will finally available at Louth Library next month in the philosophy section.

James attended a Seminar in Newark; he has DVDs and folders with information that would support community initiatives to provide renewable energy through neighbourhood plans linked to national policy. It was suggested that schools could become involved through the 10/10 campaign. Lacey Gardens will be installing solar panels this year. One idea was to hold a presentation in Louth to raise awareness. This would need a group of people to carry it forward, if you are interested please contact James.

Biff mentioned Green Economics, looking at micro economies; examples would be local businesses, Time Banks, community initiatives. He will post the website address on the Transition Town site and also suggested looking at the Google group link.

The book “Be The Change” was added to the Transition library with interesting essays, including one written by Rob Hopkins.

The structure of Louth Partnership has changed! There are now sub groups, for example Events or People and Places. Anyone can become involved in the group and add their support. Example initiatives might be; adding bike racks in the town centre, seating areas, car parking or taking part in the Floral Enhancement Programme or Louth in Bloom. Contact Biff or Yvonne if you would like to know more.

Permaculture Diploma. The group of teachers are at the last stage of their years training programme. Three teachers are designing an outside area at John Spendluffe as a teaching facility linked to the curriculum. The Permaculture Association has shown an interest and would like to see the final design and implementation. The presentation will be in the New Year.

It was decided to hold the local band night in January on a Friday evening in the Town and Country Club. Maggie will give two possible dates to Bob for the band to say which is most suitable and then book the venue. James will provide food for the tables. Alexa has said that she will design a poster; Bob has a photo that could be used. We will need to contact other musicians to see if they are free and make tickets.

The Transition Leaflet needs updating, ideas would be useful for the next meeting.

Rob Bowden has worked with the schools in Louth on a sustainable community project. He is very enthusiastic about working with schools to develop Hubbard’s Hills as a place for learning and shared sustainable school initiatives. As he has worked with Transition Towns before it was suggested that he was invited to a meeting with the possibility of running a workshop.

Volunteers are needed at Spout Yard if anyone is interested look on the website for information and ideas, They have offered space for Transition Town to develop a vegetable area which we shall start soon. Support for an art exhibition was also given possibly one for established artists and a second to support creativity from local people wanting to share their ideas and inspiration.

The empty shop that was “Feathers” has been suggested as a space for communicating ideas and Transition messages. A possible theme of happiness with photographs from the Transition Town initiatives was suggested.

The Community Payback scheme provides people to work on projects in the community. Maggie agreed to email Alison Hall to suggest using this scheme to plant herbs in the empty bed in Westgate. The planting scheme from The Gatherums could be used, as it is both attractive and easy to maintain.

The next meeting will be Thursday 17th November at Jean and Biff’s house.

Transition Town Louth meeting September 20th 2011 8pm : Maggie's front room.

Present: Jean, Jackie, Maggie, Biff, Julie Precious from Tetbury, Noel, Janet, Alison, Steve Mansfield, Steve Precious from Tetbury, James, Eddie, Alison J., Geoff Barnes, Nick, Ignatio (Nick's helper), Sam and Richard from Energie Kontor, Pete, Yvonne, Jude and Sheila.

Richard Hind, Project Manager the Gayton-le-Marsh wind farm, assisted by Sam, from Energie Kontor UK, gave an overview of the proposed windfarm and led an illuminating discussion on the difficulties of getting the project accepted. Everybody is urged to write letters in support of the planning application to East Lindsey District Council. Richard to liaise with James about possibilities of running a promotional stall in the town market.

TTL now has two copies of David Fleming's Lean Logic available for lending to members and another copy has been donated to Louth public library.

Groundworks have an ongoing project to help home energy reduction. There is a proposal to train volunteer energy auditors to help deserving householders with energy saving work. James to liaise further with Vicky about how we can help and it was decided that we might fund some of this work.

It was proposed that TTL should hold periodic music/social events with some transition-related theme. The first might be in November. Maggie to lead organising this with support from Yvonne, James, Pete and others.

The Dark Mountain project, started by Paul Kingsnorth and Douglad Hine a couple of years ago, was discussed. Biff suggested that we might hold a related event, in collaboration with Horncastle and Lincoln Transition Initiatives. Rose from Horncastle is leading this idea. James was cautious, concerned that TTL needs to be seen as offering practical tools for transition, such as food-growing. Nick, Yvonne and Maggie were warm to the idea that there should be scope for giving the arts greater emphasis in what we do. Small arts-related events might provide an approach towards a bigger event in the not so near future.

The Town Council, the Town Partnership and TTL will have opportunities to work towards next year’s Louth in Bloom competition.

Next meeting will be at the slightly earlier time of 7.30 at Alison Jackson’s house, 3 Victoria Road, opposite the Playgoer’s Theatre.

Transition Town Louth meeting June 6th 2011 8pm : Woolpack.

Present: Biff, Jean, James, Noel & Roger

Meeting closed 9.30pm

Transition Town Louth meeting Tuesday 3rd May 2011 8pm, Woolpack, Riverhead, Louth.

Attending: Maggie Appleton, Roger Goldsmith, Alison Jackson, Janet Kenworthy, Alison MacKenzie-Taylor, James Pocklington, Alison Spittles, Biff Vernon
Facilitator : Biff Minutes: James

•There was a short discussion on an email that Maggie had received from Danny Wilson of ELDC with regard to the Community garden proposals for the Gatherums. The request was for more detailed information on the proposals. James agreed to reply directly to Danny.

•Maggie proposed that we meet to help complete some of the flower /herb planting at the Gatherums Monday 9th May @ 3pm. It was agreed that this would be a good time to engage the Kidgate parents and children as they left school. Alison M-K offered to come and help. The details to be confirmed by email.

•Roger spoke about the work of the Spout yard gallery and park. He explained that after an unfortunate start (the plot was flooded soon after completion) the park has gone from strength to strength, acting as a very pleasant focal point for the neighbourhood. There are plans for more events in the park this year which Roger was sure would only enhance the reputation of the initiative.

•Alison M-K explained that she was organising an “Angels in the park” event on Sunday 31st July 5pm till 8pm. The aim was to bring local artists and musicians together to create an event to bring the community together in a fun and inspirational format. Everyone agreed that this was a great idea and the group agreed to support the day in any way they could.

•The “Fun, Food and Fabrics” event scheduled for Saturday 4th June was discussed at length and stalls confirmed so far:
Bag making, Alison J.
Bicycle maintenance, James.
Bean sprouting , Alison S.
PV panel suppliers : Biff.
ELDC sustainability?: Biff
Knitting demo: Jean Vernon
Master gardeners: James
Making Cordials : Sarah Vowles
Swap stall and local art: Alison M-K.
Plastic bottle greenhouse : Yvonne Finnie and Lacey Gardens school
Louth Vegetarian Society?: James
Beekeeper? : Alison M-K
Display of Transition books: Biff
Community food garden map/stall: Biff
Groundworks, energy saving?: Vicky Dunn

•It was agreed that James should book the kitchen of the B.Legion Hall so that we can offer refreshments. We would ask TTL members for donations of home made cakes/biscuits etc. Maggie agreed to produce a flyer and James agreed to notify local papers and radio. James said that he would send an email to the wider TTL group with details of the event.

•James suggested that the group renew the public liability insurance with the same company when it comes up for renewal in May. The meeting agreed as long as the premium had not increased excessively. James to report back if need be.

•Biff mentioned the St James Day Food festival taking place in Louth market place on the 17th July. He suggested that TTL should have some kind of presence on the day. James offered part of his stall for TTL use, ideas for what to do on the day to be discussed at next meeting. Meeting closed 9.30pm

Transition Town Louth Minutes March 29th 2011

April 4th Film Night

Two films will be shown at the Trinity Centre on Monday April 4th at 7.30. “The Power of the Community” is based in Cuba and “A Farm for the Future” with Rebecca Hosking investigating farming in a future short of fossil fuel. There will be a short break for tea and coffee, donations gratefully received for this! James will provide tea, coffee and milk. Posters were given to put in shop windows.

June 4th

An event in the British Legion of fun and inspiration! James will book the hall. Ideas to be discussed on Monday in a short meeting after the film. Thoughts so far were:
Energy Saving Stalls ( possibly funded by Groundworks), Seymour and Castle and other local energy suppliers’ display and information, information from Pat Sumner, Sustainability officer East Lindsey, a plant swap, planting seeds and making pots, a bike check, ideas for re-using and fashioning old clothes, a bee keepers’ stall and a stall or mini workshop looking at the Energy Booklet.

Transition Booklet

The Energy booklet is to be amended for the event on June 4th.

The Gatherums

Rod and Jane gave information about the Gatherums and their involvement, including a future funding bid to restore the old Horse Steps and spring.

The Gatherums Committee, Danny Wilson from East Lindsey and some of the community gardeners had met to discuss planting and care of plants. East Lindsey was ordering plants for the beds near the seating area and volunteers from Transition Town agreed to help with the planting. It was hoped to tell people from the local houses and those who use the area about the planting scheme and engage them. Nick Vowles and his students from the Permaculture Design course spent the day in The Gatherums and produced a survey showing areas most suitable for planting. It is hoped that the scheme will be part of the Master Gardener programme. The next steps are water butts, planting with ELDC before starting a raised bed with the support of local people and school children.


There is now a tap for garden and building use. Entrance to the site has been difficult at times with building and work and one Sunday the gate to the field was locked. Planting has started with onions, beetroot, parsnips and broad beans. There are now several ingenious fences around plots to deter rabbits.

Epic Centre

Biff had attended the Sustainability Lincolnshire event at the Epic Centre where there were several trade stands, including Seymour and Castle from Louth. The target for County Councils is an 80% carbon reduction by 2050.

Next meeting Tuesday 26th April, 8pm at The Woolpack.

Minutes of Louth Transition Town Meeting March 3rd 2011

B&Q’s roof insulation was recommended on offer at 5 metres for £3.00 , made from 65% recycled glass.

Community Gardens.- The site behind King Edward’s is still progressing although reduced temporarily by building work. New rabbit proof fencing is being constructed with wire donated by the school and hazel posts from Hanby Estates. Maggie will write to the school to request water butts for the garden.

The Gatherums. - The Gatherums Committee have supported a project to introduce vegetable, fruit and herb planting in existing or new beds. A meeting has been arranged to discuss suitable planting areas and crops. Nick Vowles is taking his Permaculture Design trainees to survey the site on Saturday March 5th. James will provide soup and he and Maggie will distribute leaflets and talk to people as they pass.

Newsletter. - James suggested starting a Newsletter promoting food growing initiatives in Louth to include schools, community initiatives and local products. Funding is available through Transition Together.

Publicity - Concerns were expressed about finding information for those people who do not access the internet. Maggie will send details of meetings to the Target and send a brief report of the meeting to Sadie Russell. Ideas for posters and an events diary were discussed to be added to the Newsletter.

Transition Together - Money from Transition Together will be used to develop the Newsletter to support schools, individuals and community groups to grow their own food and awareness of where their food comes from. It will also be used to print workbooks to promote energy awareness and inform people about local organisations and companies that will help them to reduce consumption. Vicky Dunn is running courses in other areas of Lincolnshire and soon to develop these in Louth area. Draught proofing schemes are also being promoted. More information available through Groundforce Lincs. This will be introduced on a “taster day” on June 4th

Earth Hour - March 26th Earth Hour Gig. Biff will talk about Earth Hour and James will talk about the Community Food Initiatives. Maggie will make a leaflet to distribute on the tables.

Donations - David Fleming bequeathed £ 300.00 to Transition Town Louth. It was thought that a permanent tribute to him and his work could be in the purchase of locally constructed deep beds for The Gatherums and for the purchase of fruit trees.

Ethical Solar Energy has donated to Transition Town Louth after the purchase of solar panels.

Credit Union - The Credit Union will be at the Trinity Centre on Thursday March 31st from 4.00 – 5.30 to give information about opening an account in Louth.

Future Dates - Earth Hour Gig March 26th British Legion

Next Meeting - Tuesday March 29th 8pm

Film Show - April ? Trinity Centre

Fun Creative Transition Event - June 4th British Legion