Transition Town Louth, Lincolnshire.

Meeting Minutes for 2010

Meeting Minutes for 2008 and 2009

Meeting of Transition Town Louth Tuesday 21st September 2010

Rose and Bob’s House Eastfield Rd Louth, 7pm start

Facilitator: Noel Minutes :James

Attendance: Biff, Stefan, Jackie, James, Jude, Noel, Vicky, Sue, Sergio.

TTL meeting Boar’s Head 19th May 2020 7pm

Present : Biff, Jean, Noel, Janet, Alison , Jackie, James, and Bob.

Apology: Maggie,

Noel facilitated, Janet took minutes.

Meeting closed at 9 pm.

TTL meeting Boar’s Head 20th April 2020 7pm

Attended by : Biff, Jean, Maggie, Jen, Jennifer,Valerie, Ros, Noel, Janet, Alison , Jackie, James,Yvonne

Jackie facilitated, James took minutes.

Next meeting Wed 19th May 2010 7pm confirmed at the Boar’s Head.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm

Meeting 18/03/10 – Boar’s Head, Louth 7pm

Attended by : Alison Jackson,Biff,Bob,Jackie,James,Janet,Jean,Jenny,Jen,Maggie,Martin,Noel & Sue.

Biff : Facilitator James: Minute taker

Meeting closed at 9.15pm

Minutes of meeting held at Boar’s Head 9th February 2010 7pm

Present: Biff, Bob (arrived 8.30), Jackie, James, Janet, Jenny, Jen, Kat, Maggie, Noel & Sue
Apologies: Jean, Martin, Terri & Len, Yvonne
Facilitator: Noel

1 Jackie relayed Martin’s suggestion that the group put some time into promoting the activities of the group in the Local media. It was agreed that we could do more to use the local press to raise awareness of TTL and a number of possibilities were discussed. Kat mentioned that she had a contact at the Leader that would showcase the group and its aims with photograph if we put something together. Using the what’s on page more frequently and constructing more regular press releases were discussed. It was suggested that we share the workload in making this happen, but initially perhaps Martin could contact Bob and work out some kind of schedule/rota to get things moving.

2 James reported on the progress with the Transition Together project, the workbooks were currently being reviewed by the sub group of Biff, Bob, Maggie & James to tailor the books to our locality. The intention is for volunteers from within TTL to carry out a pilot group study and see how the concept works before we launch to the community. Biff mentioned that the Totnes group that founded the project had obtained a grant of £625,000 to offer financial support to household’s willing to upgrade their homes with sustainable energy saving installations, e.g. insulation, solar panels etc. It may be that TTL may have the option to pursue a similar support package for Transition Together groups in Louth.

3 James suggested that the group put on another film show soon, following the Age of Stupid showing. The new “In transition” in film is being shown in Horncastle on the 26th February which would be a possible choice for our next film , so recommended viewing for all members (this film can also be viewed on the internet).

4 Biff announced that there would be a Fairtrade coffee morning at Nichol Hill Methodist Chapel on Saturday February 27th 10-12am. It was decided to have a TTL stall promoting the Community food garden and the Multiarts project, volunteers please to help man stall and tea/coffee duty.

5 Biff described a sleepless night when the concept of a Louth Art exhibition formed in his imagination. The suggestion being that we organise an Art exhibition using local artists displaying exhibits with a transition theme, possibly in Spout yard? All those who wish to make Biff’s dream come true please come to our next meeting and discuss further.

6 Biff described his position on the interim Town partnership representing Transition town Louth. A subgroup of the partnership is the Food group which intends to promote Louth as a food town of excellence both regionally and nationally. There are to be two food themed events in the town this year.

7 Biff mentioned that Freegle was close to one million members nationwide and encouraged all those that had yet to get involved to give the site a try for miscellaneous wants and disposals.

8 The Feast project suggested by Jackie Vitale by email had inspired everyone that had read it, it was hoped that we could put the idea into action later in the year , around harvest time, Biff agreed to reply in the positive to Jackie.

9 Kat spoke about the Multiarts project and a conversation she had with Mark Barnes with regard to temporary art displays within vacant and empty shops in the town centre. There was a meeting set for the 2nd of March to discuss the possibilities further. James agreed to get the price of roll up display signs for Transition town principles which could be used in promotional events. Kat also announced that the Multiarts project would be at the ecofest and small world festival and anyone with ideas for activities to please get in touch.

10 Maggie proposed that we submit a small grant claim to ELDC for £250 to purchase resources needed for the initial set up of the Foundation House garden. All agreed to proceed.

11 Maggie has drafted a letter, targeting Louth businesses for donations of required equipment, etc. It was also suggested that we produce a flyer that we could letterbox drop at homes within the neighbourhood of the garden, asking for help, interest, support, old tools! Also list wants on Freegle.

12 Bob passed on contact names of Staff members at KEVIs who would be able to help with the project, these were Sarah Pillans, Laura Greenhough , and Rachel Mowbray (Purser)

13 Meeting set for Wed 17th to confirm initial requirements and project time line.

14 Bob returned from a meeting of the Town council and emphasised the need for the Transition group to produce practical actions for the community to ensure continuing support from the new town partnership.

15 Meeting closed at 9.20pm

16 Next meeting set for Thursday the 18th March 7pm at the Boar’s Head (venue to be confirmed) Transition together meeting set for Wednesday 17th February 7pm at Maggie’s house. Community food group to meet at the Indoor market cafe 11.00am Wednesday 17th February.

Minutes of AGM and meeting

12th January 2010 at 68 Eastfield Road, Louth

Present: Biff, Jean, Noel, James, Rob, Jackie, Maggie, Anisha, Rose, Bob.
Apologies: Yvonne, Judy, Nick, Sarah, Janet, Martin
Facilitator – Maggie. Minutes – Bob

1. Annual General Meeting Constitution re-read, discussed and agreed to remain unchanged.
Treasurers Report will be posted on website. £1,258.00 is in the bank including £1,000 Transition Together grant. Balance accepted and agreed.
Biff and Anisha elected as joint Secretaries.
James elected as Treasurer.

2. Consultation on the Local Development Framework Draft Core Strategy The TTL response to ELDC’s consultation document was submitted on December 18th 2009. A copy will be posted on the website.

3. Transition Together Now that we have been successful in our bid for the £1K funding, the priority is to print sufficient copies of the 7 workbooks and mobilise as many local groups as possible. Agreed to set up a pilot group from TTL members and to meet at Maggie’s house on Wednesday 20th January at 7.00pm. James will print six copies. Everyone to be familiar with the procedures before the meeting.

4. Film Night – The Age of Stupid Conoco Room booked for 29th January.
Need to have dry run of projection/sound equipment at Maggie’s house on 20th.
Biff – laptop; Bob - projector and press release; Martin – sound; Jackie – film
Agreed format of evening.
Bob to introduce TTL and film. Biff to lead discussion after film, Maggie to talk briefly on Community Garden; James to talk on Transition Together; Nick to talk on permaculture? Free raffle of leftover produce from Christmas market stall with donation box.

5. Community Garden Anisha, James and Maggie met to agree aims, objectives and options.
Successful meeting with James Lascelles, Headmaster at King Edwards’. He agreed to set aside a 25x15m plot behind Foundation House for nominal rent of £5 pa. Unrestricted community use available outside school hours – otherwise CRB checks necessary. JL offered to prepare the site and to incorporate it into the School’s Sustainable/Eco Schools programme. He’s happy to be kept informed via the School’s Community Cohesion sub committee (that happens to be chaired by Bob).
Need to check public liability.
Agreed to continue to seek other sites, especially those in prominent public locations. Anisha has written letter, which is to be sent out to organisations.
Next meeting of sub group at Maggie’s on 25th January – any further ideas for sites to Maggie, please.

6. Heart and Soul Noel suggested forming a Heart and Soul group within TTL that would run meditation/ health awareness sessions. Apart from the mind/health benefits it could widen TTL awareness. Agreed this to be good idea to be pursued at Trinity Community Centre (see Peta Hill) or Spout Yard (Robert Gwynne). Noel knows of several practitioners.

7. Oxfam Shop Display Biff reported that Oxfam are targeting Climate Change and Peak Oil. Jane Fletcher Tomlinson at the Louth Oxfam shop has set aside space for community group displays. We are booked in for Saturday 23rd January. Opportunity to publicise Age of Stupid, etc. Only space for a max of two people with the stall at any one time between 9.30 am and, say 3.00pm.

8. Town Partnership Biff will represent TTL at the first meeting of the Interim Town Partnership meeting, organised through the Town centre Manager, Mark Barnes. Looks like Biff will take up its environment and transport brief.

9. Food Town Jackie has a good leaflet on a Scottish Food Town and suggests some of its ideas could be used to promote Louth as a Food Town. The next meeting of the Louth Food Group is at Perkins pantry on Monday 18th January at 6.00pm.

10. Timebank Due to general lack of interest, we need to decide soon if we want to renew our membership. We need one or more significant projects to kick start the scheme –maybe the Community Garden could do this.

11. Freegle This is taking off better now with over 100 members and quite a bit of activity.

12. Next meeting Tuesday 9th February at 7.00pm It was felt that potential new members might be put off by meetings being held in a private house. Agreed to hold the next meeting at the Boar’s Head, Newmarket, if it is available. Venue will be confirmed on the website.

Summary of Accounts to December 2009

Time bank£100.00£250.00£150.00
TTL books£38.97~-£38.97
Fairtrade group£36.65~-£36.65

Funds as at 22/12/09

James Pocklington, Treasurer.