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Sunday 5th September 2010

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Sunday 31st October

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January 28, 2010

Television Cook to promote 'Louth: the Larder of Lincolnshire’

THE Louth Food Group is now firmly established with a very enthusiastic group of volunteers who believe that there is much to shout about with regard to the local produce available within Louth and the local area.

The Food Group is committed to promoting Louth locally and nationally as a destination Food Town. The Group will be working very closely as one of the Advisory Groups for the Interim Town Centre Partnership that has recently been established by East Lindsey District Council.

Mark Barnes, Town Centre Manager, said: "I have been to some towns in the country who have been very successful in branding themselves as a Food Town only to find that they do not have the same range of independent retailers selling local produce as Louth does. We really have something unique here; visitors and residents need to know what is available so that they can support local suppliers and producers."

The Food Group's mission statement is 'to promote Louth locally and nationally as Lincolnshire's Food Town of excellence' and is further promoting the town and county with the branding ’Louth: the Larder of Lincolnshire’.

Louth Food Group Chairperson and TV Presenter, Emily Roberts, said: "Louth is definitely worthy of being labelled as a Food Town. The high volume of award winning and high quality food related businesses is something that we should be proud of. I am honoured to be Chair of the Louth Food Group, which within it has some of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and talented people I have ever known. The future events and ideas we have lined up, are most exciting and the whole town can and will be made to feel part of these great projects."

In addition to the promotion of Louth, the Food Group aims to put on events and is considering a Ready, Steady Cook type event with local cooks/chefs. a Food Fayre for September 5, 2010, and a Victorian Market for October 31.

Mark, added: "There is a real passion within the Group for these events and we have given ourselves some dates to work towards. We would be very interested in gauging the support from the town and ask for people to get in touch with me especially if they feel that they would like to get involved."

Mark Barnes can be contacted on 07917 628149 or by email on

Press release from ELDC November 2009

Promoting Louth as a Food Town

LOUTH’S recently appointed Town Centre Manager, Mark Barnes, is looking to set up a group of people to start work on promoting Louth as a ‘Food Town’.

The idea behind this group is to start promoting Louth as a destination where visitors and residents can enjoy the highest quality local produce.

Louth as a Food Town will be promoted locally, regionally and nationally, so that residents and visitors can appreciate what excellence Louth displays from all aspects of the food industry.

Mark, explained that while we are going through the process of building a Town Centre Partnership for Louth there are some obvious projects that can be developed in parallel and will only build on the success of the town and of the Partnership: “Louth will be recognised as offering an unrivalled range of local produce supplied by businesses that care about only dealing in the best quality food and the work needs to start now. I am looking for a group of people from the industry who will work with me to promote their wares and sell the distinctiveness of the food produced locally.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the project should contact Mark on 07917 628149 or email

What's Happening Elsewhere

Garden Share Bristol

Lots of people in the Bristol area have gardens that are underused, or that go unmanaged due to a lack of time, interest, or physical mobility. At the same time there are many residents living in flats, town houses and rented accommodation, who have no access to a garden, and who would love the chance to grow their own food, herbs and flowers.

This is a local initiative linking up people who have an unused corner of their garden with local committed growers. The benefits for the garden owners include a share of the produce, the pleasure of seeing a lovely developing vegetable plot, and the sense of community in being part of a sharing initiative.

GardenShare Bristol matches and introduces committed, enthusiastic growers with local garden owners who want to see their gardens being used more productively.

Stroudco food hub
Project Aim:
In providing local produce to local people, Stroudco aims to : • Increase access to and availability of local products for all • Work towards environmental benefit and reduce use of fossil fuels • Reduce food miles • Support farms which practice good animal welfare • Increase social, environmental and economic sustainability • Enable community building and develop food culture • Provide practical experience and learning for members, including farm experience • Enable people to understand how food is produced and supplied • Encourage sharing and co-operation - and consensus seeking • Enable people to work together democratically to be responsible for and participate in their food system • Reduce trading through global companies by providing a local alternative • Increase understanding of and support for the local economy and build supportive links between producers and consumers • Co-operate with similar enterprises • Be transparent in all its affairs • Work on fair terms and fair prices for consumers and producers • Provide experiences that will enable new ways of thinking, new knowledge, new skills and new ways of working for all participants. • Enable a more capable community.

Louth's Food outlets

Lakings Little Eastgate
The Little Chocolatier Pawnshop Passage
Meridian Meats Eastgate
Pocklingtons Cornmarket
Royston's Deli Eastgate

Restaurants, Cafes and Take Aways
Deedar Indian Takeaway Aswell Street
Mr Chips Aswell Street
Perkins PantryMercer Row

(Yes, I know, there are loads more that I'll get round to listing - tell me if you think you should be here please.)